In this module, we provide an overview of leadership styles with a focus on servant leadership and its benefits. The idea that leadership is acknowledging employee needs and helping them develop and perform to their highest abilities. We’ll also address barriers to productivity, enhancing workplace culture and benefits of group cohesion.


In this module, we focus on enhancing awareness of thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors, as well as their origin. When we become mindful, we improve our understanding of self and others. We’ll discuss the meaning of mindfulness and how it connects to diversity & inclusion.


In this module, we define bias and explore implicit bias. However, there are many types of bias we may discuss. We break down how bias can impact our interactions with others and understanding of them.

Cross-Cultural Competency

In this module, we discuss the ability to understand, appreciate and interact with people from cultures or belief systems different from one’s own. We also discuss how you define yourself, how others define you and how to advocate for inclusivity.

Spirituality and Diversity

In this module, we break down the meaning of spirituality, how it’s expressed and how it impacts interactions with others. We also show connections between spirituality, diversity, equality and inclusion.

Power And Privilege

In this module, we define privilege in a unique way that shows how everyone holds a privilege. We discuss how privilege can be used for positive change, advocacy and allyship.

Systemic Change

In this module, we break down equality, equity and justice. We discuss how they are connected in a systematic way and they can be used to make systemic change.


In this module, we discuss culture, and how it’s expressed internally and externally. We also discuss how you define who you are versus how others define you and how to advocate for inclusivity.

Mental Health

In this module, we discuss communication skills focusing on active listening and non-verbal communication. We discuss unique experiences such as racial trauma, surviving a pandemic, gender discrimination and how they impact our mental health. We also discuss how to manage your mental health in a productive manner and focus on the here and now.

The Lens Program

LENS is a self-reflective model that encourages participants to acknowledge their understanding of self, their diverse community, and the world.

LENS creates a safe space for participants to broaden their thinking and enhance cultural competence.

The LENS program can be tailored to both children and adult populations and covers the following topics:

Emotional Intelligence

Understanding myself and my thoughts, and how that influences how I see and interact with others.

Areas of Focus:

  • Identity
  • Culture


Communicating and behaving with awareness to encourage healthy relationships.

Areas of Focus:

  • Active Communication
  • Group Cohesion


Overcoming and adapting to big and small experiences or challenges.

Areas of Focus:

  • Behavior Change

Additional Content

Relationship building/setting personal boundaries: ​

  • Identifying relationship needs
  • Focus on emotional intelligence
  • Benefits of boundaries:
    • Better self-esteem​
    • Conserving emotional energy
    • More independence and agency
  • Defining boundaries:​
    • Ask “what are your rights?”​
    • Follow your gut
    • Determine your value

Resilience (Psychological Resilience): the ability to mentally or emotionally cope with a crisis or return to pre-crisis status quickly.

Resilience exists when the person uses “mental processes and behaviors in promoting personal assets and protecting self from the potential negative effects of stressors.”​ ​

  • Advancing: goal orientation, work toward your vision
  • Despite: be proactive… don’t wait for adversity
  • Adversity: both large and small challenges every day

What Are People Saying?

“I want to thank OpenedEyes for not only presenting information but creating spaces for much needed dialogue. Our students were able to be candid and vulnerable without fear of judgement. Conversations lead to change; OpenedEyes is doing their part by laying down firm foundations to build those conversation on. I look forward to more Mercyhurst University and OpenedEyes collaborations in the future.”

“Brandon has spoke out our Welcome Day several times now, and there is a reason we bring him back. His message is important and resonates with all our students. Not only that, but he interacts with the students and makes connections with them. He really brings people up out of their seats and has a unique way of making people feel comfortable having a conversation about uncomfortable topics. We find Brandon is the best way to start our Welcome Day, and also be purposeful about the message we are trying to send. As long as Brandon is willing, we will keep bringing him back!”

“As a professional in the Social Work world, I have participated in a lot of DEI trainings and have delivered similar trainings in this space, too. The virtual training provided by OpenedEyes, however, was the best I have seen. The training was comprehensive, engaging, easy-to-follow, and had a good balance of lecture and participation in group activities. Brandon is an excellent presenter and really makes you feel at ease. I highly recommend this organization for any diversity training needs you may have!”

“Probably the most valuable assembly program we’ve had here at MPS. Keep up the wonderful work, gentlemen! God bless you.”

“The OpenedEyes team has a gift for facilitating honest and sensitive conversation about difficult topics.”

“The presenters were extremely knowledgeable and this was one of my favorite sessions because we all became truly engaged.”

“This session was very informative. I feel like I am better able to handle situations in a more culturally sensitive manner.”

“We feel blessed that we were able to bring OpenedEyes into our school community to help us further our mission of being inclusive, and recognizing the dignity in all persons. OpenedEyes was able to engage the students in both large and small group settings, which provided every student the opportunity to contemplate the information and to respond in a comfortable setting. Our Board of Trustees Chairperson was in the building that day and was enamored with the ease in which Opened Eyes interacted with our students. This is a program that will reward any community willing to participate.”

“I can’t say enough nice things about the team with OpenedEyes! They have helped us at The Nonprofit Partnership as we embark upon the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion journey. They have been imperative to our progress in this realm and I am so grateful for having been connected with Brandon. Whether you need help with a one-time session, an extensive training opportunity or you’re just looking to add a good human or two (or 5?) to your network, OpenedEyes has you covered.”

OpenedEyes came and delivered a powerful message to our faculty, staff, and students here at Penn State Shenango. Brandon’s passion and delivery helped provide essential information while maintaining a safe space for our participants to share their personal experiences. OpenedEyes helped facilitate discussions and dialogue that are vital for the growth and development of our campus. We look forward to having the group back to present again.”

“The students really enjoyed the program that was presented by OpenedEyes. Many students opened up about their thoughts about diversity and what it meant to them. It brought awareness among the student body. The presenters were excellent and really related to the students.”

What Do You Get When You Book Us?

When booking OpenedEyes for programming, you will receive the following services:

  • Consultation meeting
  • Pre-assessment
  • A tailored program to meet your organizational needs
  • Post-assessment Detailed analysis of the program
  • Six-month follow up

OpenedEyes will be in your corner for six months for any questions or needs that may arise.

Please note that all of our trainings are capable of online interaction through the use of Zoom or any other online platform.